Examination Project 2006
This is my examination project from my last year at Nordiska Scenografiskolan. I worked for about 10 weeks with it, and was then exhibited in the museum of Skellefteå, summer of 2006.

I guess I have a thing for mischievous little princesses that just won't do what's expected of them. :)
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Here she is, sitting happily with a dragon dangling from her mouth. In this project I kinda wanted to turn the tables for the characters of the classic, if somewhat cliché fairytale. – Does the modern princess need rescuing, I wonder? Everything you see in this project is hand-sculpted, sewn, built and painted – except for the wig which I got after scalping an unfortunate little doll... The dragon has a latex body, and limbs in SuperSculpy.
The parts of the body are sculpted in SuperSculpy over a tinfoil armature. They are then air-brushed and hand-painted, and given some cuts and bruises made by the dragon.

The scroll is coffee-dyed paper, on which front I have handwritten a fairytale about a little princess. People kept complaining that they weren't able to read the whole story since the princess was sitting on it and they couldn't turn over the leaves, hehe... ;)

On the other side of the scroll, there is a painting depicting a medieval cartoon, where a knight is saving a damsel in distress, by slaying the evil dragon – the ultimate cliché of a fairytale. The tracks of the princess is leading up to this scroll, where she has doodled all over it.
After graffiting on the cartoon, she doodled her way aroung the podium, snatched up the dragon somewhere and climbed up to sit on the scroll. Kinda like a cat with a dead mouse in it's mouth, looking at you and waiting for praise... ;)